MCQs on Advanced Web Programming With Answer

MCQs on Advanced Web Programming With Answer

Advanced Web Programming The advancement of web programming has made it easier for web developers to effectively create websites with highly interactive and user-friendly interfaces.

In order to assess the knowledge and understanding of the various principles of web programming, multiple-choice questions (MCQs) are widely used.

This article will focus on MCQ advanced web programming with a special emphasis on the topics related to current trends in web development.

MCQs on Advanced Web Programming

50 MCQ Advanced Web Programming With Answer

1. HTML stands for ___
Ans. Hyper Text Markup Language

2. Every HTML document consists of a collection of elements. (True/False)
Ans. True.

3. The ___ element contains the major portion of Web page content that is actually visible on the screen in your browser.

4. Name the HTML elements which are used to provide superscript and subscript formatting.
Ans. SUP and SUB elements

5. Which element is used for defining a section of text as a quotation?
Ans. The BLOCKQUOTE element

6. Linking is possible in HTML because every document on the Web has a unique address, known as a___.
Ans. Uniform resource locator (URL)

7. ___ Type of list is used for list of items in which the ordering is not specific.
Ans. Unordered or bulleted

8. What is definition list?
Ans. A definition list is a structure which is used in such case where the author wishes to present a single term or phrases followed by content related to the term.

9. Which attribute is used to set the type of bullet in list?

10. ___ are a vital tool for the webmaster to receive information from the web surfer, such as: their name, email address, credit card, etc. (Put tick to the right option.)
a) HTML Forms b) HTML Frames
c) HTML Tables d) HTML Lists
Ans. a) HTML Forms

11. Which attribute is used to merge two or more columns into a single column?
Ans. colspan

12. ___: The parent tag that defines the characteristics of this frame page.
Ans. Frameset

13. ___ can store and organize just about any kind of information in a form that is tailored to your needs.
Ans. XML

14. XML is a ___ markup language; HTML is a ___ markup language.
a) content, presentation
b) presentation, content
c) content, data
d) predefined, content
Ans. a) content, presentation

15. XML is display-driven; HTML is data-driven. (True/ false)
Ans. False since, XML is data-driven; HTML is display-driven.

16. Who started the W3C to focus the growth of the Internet and help standardize the technologies that were quickly evolving?
Ans. Tim Berners-Lee

17. Identify the editor from the statement: “It is an old stalwart of the Unix pantheon. A text-based editor, it may seem primitive by today’s GUI heavy standards.”
Ans. Vi

18. ___ an old-timer in the electronic publishing field, has one of the best XML editing environments.
Ans. Arbortext

19. Conglomerate is a freeware graphical editor. (True/ False)
Ans. True

20. What is stylesheet?
Ans. Stylesheets are the premier way to turn an XML document into a formatted document meant for viewing.

21. Name any two transformation engines that can be used with XSLT to transform XML documents.
Ans. XT, xalan

22. The XML declaration is case sensitive. (True/ False)
Ans. True

23. A ___ contains the rules by which an XML document mustabide.
Ans. schema or Document Type Definition (DTD)

24. What is namespace?
Ans. A namespace is a group of element and attribute names.

25. ___ permits well-formed documents to be parsed without the need for a DTD where as many ___ implementation require some DTD for processing.

26. What is the file extension for an XSL-FO document?
Ans. .fo

27. Expand URI.
Ans. Uniform Resource Identifier

28. If a document contains both XSLT and XSL-FO, then any one of the namespace URI need to be specified. (True/False)
Ans. False, since If a document contains both XSLT and XSL-FO, then both the namespace URIs need to be specified; one for XSLT and one for XSL-FO).

29. The XML namespace declaration is the reserved attribute name, followed by the ___ separator.
Ans. :

30. The ___element specifies how to create a sub-sequence of pages in a document.
Ans. <fo:page-sequence>

31. In XSL-FO document which element contains the text, images, etc., for the resulting output?
Ans. <fo:flow>

32. An ___ specifies the structure of valid XML documents by defining a set of elements, their relationships to each other, and the attributes that they can contain.
Ans. XML Schema

33. Syntactically XML are more complex and more permissive compared to SGML. (True/ False)
Ans. False, since Syntactically XML are simpler and more permissive compared to SGML.

34. This formatting aspect of XSL is called ___.
Ans. XSL Formatting Objects (XSL-FO)

35. XSL-FO is an ___based markup language and specially designed to format XML data.
Ans. XML

36. XSLT stands for ___.
Ans. Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation

37. What are the two main parts of XSLT?
Ans. Transformations and XPath

38. The <xsl:stylesheet> element contains two other elements, an <xsl:output> element and an <xsl:template> element. (true/false)
Ans. True

39. RPC Stands for ___
Ans. Remote Procedure Call

40. ___ defines a well-known set of rules for dealing with SOAP messages in software.
Ans. A processing model

41. XML documents and relational databases represent and structure data in very different ways. (True/False)
Ans. True

42. XML documents introduce a cohesive, structured ___ model, whereas RDBMSs provide a more flexible ___ model
Ans. Hierarchy, relational

43. Generating XML from relational data is also called ___ or the composition of XML documents.
Ans. XML publishing

44. ___ is an ANSI and ISO standard that provides support for using XML in the context of a relational database management system.

45. ___ is used to construct a sequence of XML elements.

46. ___ is used to aggregate XML elements.

47. Sarissa is a pure ___ library, so it’s quite easy to install.
Ans. JavaScript

48. To create a draggable element, create a new instance of the ___class, passing in the element to drag and any options.
Ans. Draggable

49. Which model uses SOAP headers to implement arbitrary extensions on top of SOAP?
Ans. An extensibility model

50. A SOAP fault message is a normal SOAP message with a single, well-known element inside the body: ___
Ans. soapenv:Fault

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MCQ Advanced Web Programming has proven to be a beneficial and important resource for web developers. It allows them to hone their programming skills, learn new coding languages, and become more proficient in the field.

The article also highlighted some of the benefits of using MCQ Advanced Web Programming, such as its ability to increase efficiency, reduce redundancy, and improve accuracy.

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