Multiple Choice Questions and Answers of Cloud Computing

Multiple Choice Questions and Answers of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a rapidly growing technology that provides users with powerful and reliable computing power in the cloud.

We will explore the different types of cloud services available, the benefits that can be gained by using them, and how to best utilize them. With this knowledge, readers should gain a better understanding of cloud computing and its capabilities.

Cloud Computing MCQ with answers

Cloud Computing MCQs

1. ___ allows on-site and cloud applications to submit searches and then get the results back.
Ans: Microsoft’s Live Search

2. Django is an open-source web application framework written in Python. State [True/False]
Ans: True

3. Name the three components of Mosso’s offering.
Ans: cloud sites, files, and servers

4. API stands for ___
Ans: Application Programming Interface

5. API is similar to ___ service.
Ans: SaaS

6. Google Gadgets are a desktop search application that enables users to search called ___
Ans: Google Desktop Search

7. Internet Explorer 8 has been designed to include ___ rendering modes.
Ans: Three.

8. ___ features is an intuitive browsing experience with drag-and-drop bookmarks
Ans: Safari

9. Microsoft has introduced a cloud-based SQL relational database called Bigtable. (True/False)
Ans: False

10. Cloud storage is hosted by a third party, rather than being hosted on dedicated servers. (True/False)
Ans: True

11. Live Mesh gives us ___ of online storage and an online desktop that looks a lot like Windows Vista.
a) 2 GB
b) 4 GB
c) 5 GB
d) 8GB
Ans: c) 5 GB

12. Organization can access their cloud storage services through a ___.
Ans: web service application programming interface

13. SOA Stands for ___
a. Service Oriented Architecture
b. Servile Object Architecture
c. Storage Over Architecture
d. Storage Object Architecture
Ans: a. Service-Oriented Architecture

14. In storage service cost for the client is calculated on a cost per ___.
Ans: gigabyte.

15. ___ is the first publicly-available web service, in the United States during March 2006
a. GoDaddy
b. Amazon web services
c. Nirvanix
d. Google Docs
Ans: b. Amazon web services

16. Nirvanix has a strong password authentication state [True/False]
Ans: True

17. The App Engine datastore provides ___, ___ and ___ services behind the scene.
Ans: distribution, replication, and load-balancing

18. MobileMe is a subscription-based service by the ___ company
a. Cisco
b. apple
c. Google
d. IBM
Ans: b. apple

19. ___ is an international standard having a high-security component in the computer.
a. Trusted network connect
b. Trusted storage
c. Trusted platform module
d. None of the above
Ans: Trusted network connect

20. The cloud computing technology itself is a very secure one. (True/ False)
Ans: True

21. A ___ to act as an obstruction between the public Internet and any private network.
Ans: firewall

22. ___ is a patented software framework introduced by Google to support distributed computing on large sets of data.
Ans: MapReduce

23. Hyperic also offers a free cloud monitoring tool called ___
Ans: CloudStatus

24. Make sure your vendor provides customizable ___ and ___.
Ans: data views and reporting

25. CSV stands for ___
Ans: Comma Separated Value

26. Who sees cloud computing as an evolution of business that is no less influential than e-business?
Ans: Gartner

27. The Service Cloud is made up of ___ main components.
Ans: six

28. A web application framework is used to support the development of ___ websites.
Ans: Dynamic

29. SaaS stands for ___.
Ans: Software As a Service

30. The concept of ___ is allied with the power of a judge or government entity to declare authority over the persons or things involved in an action and to make a decision about a specific issue or set of facts.
Ans: Jurisdiction

31. Which of the following is/are NOT among cloud categories that represent different governance challenges?
1. Infrastructure as a Service
2. Platform as a Service
3. Software as a Service
4. Business Process as a Service
A) 1 only
B) 2 and 4
C) 3 only
D) None of the Above
Ans: D

32. Which of the following are TRUE about system integrators?
1. They help customers in strategic development and implementation.
2. They have depth knowledge in the creation of data center
3. They provide close support with technology providers insisting on the focus on public cloud creation.
4. Strong knowledge in the areas of service and security.
A) 1 and 2
B) 1, 2 and 4
C) 1 and 3
D) 1, 3 and 4
Ans: D

33. Arrange the following steps to manage the cloud cost-effectively in the correct sequence.
1. Mange capacity
2. Optimize
3. Define blueprint
4. Gain visibility
5. Rightsize
A) 4, 3, 1, 5, 2
B) 2, 4, 1, 5, 2
C) 4, 3, 5, 1, 2
D) 4, 5, 2, 3, 1
Ans: A

34. Fill in the blanks:
1. ___ is an architecture that provides an industry-standard approach to network security and network access control. It has strong user authentication by blocking unsafe endpoints.
2. ___ implements full disk encryption using the hardware included in the drive.
These drives, known as self-encrypting drives, simplify the enterprise encryption process for handling sensitive data.
A) Trusted network, Secured data
B) Trusted network connect, Trusted storage
C) Network connect, Storage
D) None of the Above
Ans: B

35. ___datastore is driven mainly by two Google services called Bigtable and Google
File System (GFS).
A) Web indexing
B) App Engine
C) Google Finance,
D) Google Earth.
Ans: B

36. Fill in the blanks:
1. Microsoft introduced a ___ SQL relational database called SQL Database (SDS).
2. The ___ is an Internet-scale cloud-services platform hosted in Microsoft data centers. This provides an operating system and a set of developer services.
A) cloud-based, Drizzle
B) Azure, cloud center
C) cloud-based, Azure
D) None of above
Ans: C

37. Which of the following is NOT among the list of important criteria which need to be considered for developing an effective SLA.
1. Availability (e.g. 99% during workdays, 98% for nights/weekends)
2. Performance (e.g. maximum response times)
3. Security/privacy of the data (e.g. encrypting all data which are transmitted and stored)
4. Disaster Recovery expectations (e.g. recovery commitment for worse case)
5. Location of the data (e.g. reliable according to local legislation)
6. Access to the data (e.g. readable format retrieval from provider)
A) 1, 3 and 5
B) 1, 2 and 4
C) 1,3,4,5 and 6
D) None of the above
Ans: D

38. Match the following:
1. XML
3. JavaScript
a. It is the markup language used to format the pages on the web.
b. It is the language you use to write gadget specifications.
c. It is the scripting language you can use to add dynamic behaviour to your gadgets
A) 1-b, 2-a, 3-c
B) 1-a, 2-b, 3-c
C) 1-c, 2-b, 3-a
D) 1-b, 2-c, 3-a
Ans: A

39. Match the following:
a. Windows Azure iPlatform
b. Google App Engine
c. Dropbox
d. Sify my storage
i) It is a PaaS that enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage Windows applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters.
ii) It is an IaaS that provides a Web-based file hosting service.
iii) It is an IaaS and provides cloud-based online storage and backup solution.
iv) It is a PaaS cloud computing platform used for developing and hosting web applications in Google-managed datacenters.
A) a-i, b-iv, c-ii, d-iii
B) a-i, b-iv, c-iii, d-ii
C) a-ii, b-i, c-iii, d-iv
D) a-iii, b-ii, c-i, d-iv
Ans: B

40. Fill in the blanks:
1. In the ___ approach, the Windows OS software is passed to the client device but only as much of the software that’s needed at any point in time. Both Citrix and Hewlett-Packard provide this capability.
2. In the ___ approach only the screen image is actually transmitted to the user, who may have a thin client or possibly an old PC. Products that provide this capability include Citrix MetaFrame and Microsoft Terminal Services.
A) Session-based computing, Operating-system streaming
B) Operating-system streaming, Session-based computing
C) Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, The PC blade
D) The PC blade, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
Ans: A

Communication Technology Skills MCQs

41. Fill in the blanks:
1. ___ is an international standard having high-security components in computers.
It supports machine authentication, secure key storage, authentication, encryption, and attestation.
2. ___ has strong user authentication by blocking unsafe endpoints. It coordinates security devices across the enterprise.
A) Trusted network connect, Trusted platform module
B) Trusted platform module, Trusted network connect
C) Securing data in transit, Securing data at rest
D) Securing data at rest, Securing data in transit,
Ans: B

42. Which of the following is NOT among the risk list of moving into the cloud?
1. Audit and compliance risks including issues around data jurisdiction, data access control, and maintaining an audit trail.
2. Security risks include data integrity, data confidentiality, and privacy.
3. Performance and availability risks, including availability and performance levels that your business requires for successful operation. This includes alerts, notifications, and provider business continuity plans.
4. Interoperability risks, which are associated with developing a service that might be composed of multiple services. Will the infrastructure continue supporting your service? What if one of the services that you’re using changes? What policies are in place to ensure that you’ll be notified of a change?
A) 1 and 2
B) 3 Only
C) 1, 3 and 4
D) None of the above
Ans: D

43. Which of the following statements is NOT true about AJAX?
i. Dynamically created web pages do not show up in the browser’s history engine, so clicking on the Back button would not re-create the last seen page.
ii. It is easy to bookmark a dynamically created web page.
iii. Even if a browser does not support AJAX or if JavaScript is disabled, AJAX functionality can be used.
iv. There is no standards body behind AJAX, so there is no widely adopted best practice to test AJAX applications.
A) ii and iii
B) i and ii
C) ii only
D) iii only
Ans: A

44. Which of the following statements is/are NOT TRUE?
When you are designing a cloud model following are the points that need to be considered.
1. Agility is considered one of the best outcomes of private cloud; take care not to compromise this for any reason.
2. It requires low utilization to work in your favor. Confirm your service design process satisfies the customer and supports effective monitoring.
3. Targeting application needs to be accurate. Otherwise, you need to manage the private cloud resources with workloads that fit a physical or virtual static environment.
A) 1
B) 3
C) 2
D) 1 and 3
Ans: C

45. In P2P architecture, all the computers that are connected have the ___ resources and capabilities and in the case of client/server architecture all the computers connected are __ to the server.
A) distributed, local
B) different, distributed
C) equal, dedicated
D) None of the Above
Ans: A

Cloud Computing Multiple Choice Questions and Answers


It is evident from this article that cloud computing is a great technology that offers many benefits to businesses and individuals.

Cloud computing has become a major part of everyday life due to its convenience and cost-effectiveness. As the technology continues to evolve, it will bring more opportunities for companies around the world. Thanks for visiting our website, you may download Pdf format MCQ for Cloud Computing. Please share it on social media.

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