Information and Communication Technology Skills class 10 MCQ

Information and Communication Technology Skills class 10 MCQ

Welcome to our blog post on Information and Communication Technology Skills for Class 10, focusing on Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). In today’s digital age, ICT skills are indispensable, and mastering them is crucial for students. As technology continues to shape our world, the ability to navigate, utilize, and adapt to these tools becomes paramount.

So, let’s embark on this journey to sharpen your ICT skills through MCQs, helping you unlock opportunities and excel in the digital world. Whether you’re a student or an educator, this resource will empower you to thrive in an increasingly technology-driven landscape. Let’s get started!Communication Technology Skills class 10 MCQ

Information and Communication Technology Skills class 10 MCQ

1. Internal communication refers to the communication that is within the ___ and is designed to not reach outside it.
Ans: Organization

2. Impact of poor communication results in ___; ___; and ___.
Ans: the spread of wrong information; loss of faith and confidence amongst employees; frequent conflicts within the organization

3. Internal communication makes information ___ and encourages sharing it by ___ and ___ an organization’s short/long term objectives.
Ans: available, motivating, and sustaining

4. Only higher-level executives in an organization have a stake in internal communication.
(True / False)
Ans: False

5. Managers should develop respect for the grapevine, as very often it is the most common and even reliable system of communication. (True / False)
Ans: True

6. Indicators of sound, superior-subordinate communication include openness, credibility, lack of distortion, and bias. (True / False)
Ans: True

7. Personal visits are essential in case of:
a. important issues
b. complicated issues
c. sorting out misunderstandings
d. All the above
Ans: (d) all the above

8. Major criteria t for selecting the appropriate channel are:
a. Availability, audience, sincerity, content
b. Availability, audience, objective, timelines
c. Availability, audience, objective, content
d. Availability, clarity, objective, content
Ans: (c) Availability, audience, objective, content

9. Notice is useful to reach out to:
a. customers, share-holders, and government
b. customers, shareholders and general public
c. customers, banks, and general public
d. Chief-Executive-Officer, share-holders, and general public
Ans: (b) customers, shareholders, and general public

10. Diagonal communication flows in ___ direction and its importance is because of ___ and ___.
Ans: Circular.

11. Which network signifies that the manager plays the central role in controlling his employees? Choose the best option.
a) Free flow network
b) Chain network
c) Circular network
d) Wheel network
Ans: d) Wheel network

12. Communication network proves to be an important factor in an organization because it helps the group to ___, create ___, and satisfy ___.
Ans: Complete assigned tasks in time, effective leaders, satisfaction by occupying the responsible position.

13. Effective communication ___.
a) takes up a lot of time
b) saves time
c) is a waste of time
Ans: b) saves time

14. Upward and downward flow of messages constitutes ___ communication.
a. Vertical
b. horizontal
c. diagonal
Ans: a. Vertical

15. Give at least one good reason why grapevine cannot be used effectively in every form of informal communication.
Ans: Information is distorted which results in rumour.

16. Which of the following statements is true about Powerpoint slides:
1. all the slides must be part of a simple PowerPoint file as it saves time.
2. Use fonts that will get distorted while processing.
3. Keep images away from the edges of a slide as they may get cropped while mounting the slide.
4. If you are preparing for a 35 mm image the PowerPoint slides must not be formatted for 35 mm.
(a) true, true, true, true
(b) true, false, true, false
(c) false, true, false, true
(d) false, true, true, false
Ans: A

17. Which one of them is a type of reading?
1. extensive reading,
2. evaluative reading
3. scanning
4. intensive reading
(a) 1,2,3
(b) 1,3,4
(c) 2,3,4,
(d) 1,2,4
Ans: B

18. While composing a ___ message, only keywords and ___ are used. Function words such as ___ and ___ should not be included.
(a) telephonic, structures, conjunctions, prepositions
(b) face- to-face, signs, articles, nouns
(c) formal, symbols, nouns, pronouns
(d) telegraphic, phrases, articles, prepositions.
Ans: D

19. What is the full form of RSI:
(a) Repetition Strain Injury
(b) Repetitive Strain Inquiry
(c) Repetitive Stress Injury
(d) Repetitive Strain Injury
Ans: D

20. Which one of the following is the correct structure of the letter:
(a) address, date, body, subject, signature, enclosure,
(b) address of the applicant, date, salutation, subject, body, signature, enclosure
(c) address, salutation, date, body, subject, enclosure, signature
(d) address, date, subject, body, salutation, enclosure, signature
Ans: B

21. While communication with the ___, ___ phrases and ___ have to be used in their ___ contexts.
(a) customers, polite, expressions, appropriate
(b) relatives, harsh, gestures, inappropriate
(c) Subordinates, impolite, impressions, true
(d) audience, rude, dialogues actual
Ans: A

22. ___ is the most important aspect of style in a language.
a. alphabets
b. articles
c. punctuation
d. nouns
Ans: c.

23. ___ is a means of making ideas and thoughts clearer and easier to grasp by breaking them down into logical units
a. Writing
b. Punctuation marks
c. Pronunciation
d. Grammar
Ans: b.

24. Punctuation decides the combination of two words to make a ___
a. Letter
b. Memo
c. Report
d. Phrase or clause
Ans: d.

25. ___ is also called “Period in American English.
a. Comma
b. Exclamation
c. Full stop
d. Semicolon
Ans: c.

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