General Knowledge Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

General Knowledge Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Common General Knowledge Multiple Choice Questions and Answers | 30 GK Quiz for the preparation of competitive exams.

General Knowledge

Importance of General Knowledge

The importance of general knowledge cannot be overstated. General knowledge helps us to make better decisions, broaden our understanding of the world, and give us more confidence in ourselves.

Knowing a little bit about a lot of things can help people come up with creative solutions to problems they face and have conversations with others on a variety of topics.

Having general knowledge allows us to think critically and analytically when we encounter new situations or ideas.

It enables us to understand complex topics and draw connections between different areas that we may not have previously considered related.

Additionally, having a good grasp of current events gives us insight into what is happening in the world around us, allowing for an informed opinion that can be shared when appropriate.

General knowledge is also beneficial for those looking to advance their careers or become more knowledgeable in their own field of work.

General Knowledge Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1. Blue Ocean, the World’s most powerful Supercomputer, is specifically designed for:
(a) NASA
(b) US Naval Oceanographic office
(c) US Federal Reserve Bank
(d) US Intelligence Agency
Ans. (b)

2. To review the disclosure and investor protection guidelines, a committee was constituted by SEBI under:
(a) T.N. Chaturvedi
(b) A.K. Basu
(c) N.J. Reddy
(d) Y.H. Malegam
Ans. (d)

3. First State to introduce a life insurance scheme covering 1.2 crore students and three lakh teachers is:
(a) Karnataka
(b) Madhya Pradesh
(c) Maharashtra
(d) Rajasthan
Ans. (a)

4. “The Shade of Swords” is a book written by:
(a) M.J. Akbar
(b) Manil Suri
(c) Urmila Lanba
(d) Vasant Potdar
Ans. (a)

5. India’s first Jan Shatabdi Express between Mumbai-Goa was commenced on:
(a) April 16, 2002
(b) April 20, 2002
(c) June 20, 2002
(d) June 16, 2002
Ans. (a)

6. Who among the following has been named as the White Lightning in cricket?
(a) Adam Parore (New Zealand)
(b) Allan Donald (South Africa)
(c) Ben Hollioake (Australia)
(d) Dion Nash (New Zealand)
Ans. (b)

7. ‘24 Brand Mantras’, is a book written by:
(a) Bimal Chowdhary
(b) Shiv Khera
(c) Arindam R. Chowdhary
(d) Jagdeep Kapoor
Ans. (d)

8. Ist developing country in the world to make use of fire optics technology is:
(a) China
(b) Japan
(c) India
(d) Vietnam
Ans. (c)

9. Defence Research and Development Organisation was formed in the year:
(a) 1980
(b) 1958
(c) 1956
(d) 1975
Ans. (c)

10. India’s first commercially manufactured sports car is:
(a) Reeva
(b) Indigo
(c) Sedan
(d) Fibro
Ans. (a)

11. Name the quarterly magazine, launched by The Time Group.
(a) Bindia
(b) b-drive
(d) None of these
Ans. (b)

12. European Union Summit was held in Slovenia at:
(a) Bled
(b) Geory
(c) Repti
(d) Ottowom
Ans. (a)

13. ASEAN was set up in the year:
(a) 1985
(b) 1975
(c) 1967
(d) 1958
Ans. (c)

14. When was the SAARC established?
(A) On December 8, 1984
(B) On January 1, 1984
(C) On December 8, 1985
(D) On January 1, 1985
Ans: (C)

15. Which of the following countries are not the members of European Union?
(A) Switzerland
(B) Malta
(C) The Czeck Republic
(D) Poland
Ans: (A)

16. Pradhan mantri Bharat Jodo Pariyojna is related to.
(A) Communication
(B) Social Integration
(C) Linking of Rivers
(D) Development of Highways
Ans: (D)

17. ‘Sagarmala’ is a name associated with.
(A) A drilling vessel
(B) A project of port development
(C) Oil well in the Indian Ocean
(D) None of the above
Ans: (B)

18. According to the 2001 census urban-rural population ratio is about.
(A) 35 : 65
(B) 32 : 68
(C) 28 : 72
(D) 25 : 75
Ans: (C)

19. According to the 2001 census the state having the highest urban population is.
(A) U.P.
(B) Maharashtra
(C) Tamil Nadu
(D) Kerala
Ans: (B)

20. Which state possesses the maximum percentage of SC population?
(A) U.P.
(B) M.P.
(C) Kerala
(D) Punjab
Ans: (D)

21. Sampurna Gramin Rojgar Yojana has been launched.
(A) 1st April, 2001
(B) 25th Sept, 2001
(C) 30th Sept, 2001
(D) No scheme of such title has yet been launched
Ans: (B)

22. Which company is providing mobile service with the name ‘Cell one’ to the consumers?
(C) Reliance Infocom
(D) Bharti Tele
Ans: (B)

23. Kutir Jyoti scheme is associated with.
(A) Promoting cottage industry in villages
(B) Promoting employment among rural unemployed youth
(C) Providing electricity to rural families living below the poverty line
(D) All of these
Ans: (C)

24. Novelis has been acquired and merged with.
(A) Tata Steels
(D) Jindal Steels
Ans: (C)

25. OTCEI is.
(A) Atomic Submarine of China
(B) Economic policy of USA
(C) An Indian Share Market
(D) A defence research organisation
Ans: (C)

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26. The ‘National School of Drama’ is situated in which of the following cities?
(A) Mumbai
(B) New Delhi
(C) Bhopal
(D) Kolkata
Ans : (B)

27. When was our National Anthem first sung and where?
(A) 24th January, 1950 in Allahabad
(B) 24th January, 1950 in Delhi
(C) 26th December, 1942 in Calcutta
(D) 27th December, 1911 in Calcutta
Ans : (D)

28. The ozone hole that has been detected lies in the atmosphere above.
(A) The Arctic Ocean
(B) Antarctica
(C) India
(D) Alaska
Ans : (B)

29. How many spokes are there in the Dharma Chakra of the National Flag?
(A) 22
(B) 24
(C) 18
(D) 14
Ans : (B)

30. CAPART is related with.
(A) Assisting and evaluating rural welfare programmes
(B) Computer hardware
(C) Consultant service of export promotion
(D) Controlling pollution in big industries
Ans: (A)

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Common general knowledge multiple choice questions and answers are a great way to test your knowledge on a variety of topics as well as gauge where you stand in terms of understanding different concepts.

The answers provided can serve as an excellent reference for further exploration of the topics mentioned. It is important to keep in mind that general knowledge multiple choice questions are not exhaustive, and there may be some topics that you need to research or explore further before taking a quiz.

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