50 MCQ on WML and WAP Programming with Answer

50 MCQ on WML and WAP Programming with Answer

The internet has revolutionized the way we work and play, providing access to a wealth of knowledge and services. One such technology, MCQ WML and WAP programming, is becoming increasingly popular for creating user-friendly and efficient web applications.

MCQ WML (Wireless Markup Language) and WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) are the two main technologies used for developing interactive websites or web applications for mobile devices.

WML and WAP Programming

50 MCQ on WML and WAP Programming with Answer

1. _ enables the creating of web applications for mobile devices.
Ans: WAP

2. WML uses _ to run simple code on the client.
Ans: WML Script

3. Which of the following is NOT a fundamental limitation wireless data network
a. Less bandwidth
b. Less latency
c. Less connection stability
d. Less predictable availability
Ans: b. less Latency

4. WAP utilizes for greater compression of data and is optimized for long latency and low bandwidth.
Ans: Binary data

5. WAP can provide end-to-end security between WAP protocol endpoints (True/False).
Ans: True

6. The components of the WAP Toolkit software can be divided into categories
Ans: Three

7. _ is an Internet standard that extends the format of e-mail to support.

8. MIME type “text/vnd.wapscript” contains .
Ans: WML Script source

9. Mobile phones can now be used for e-shopping, e-ticketing, e-banking (True/False).
Ans: True

10. WAP architecture provides design of the entire protocol stack.
Ans: Layered

11. The Wireless Application Environment (WAE) is a general-purpose application environment based on a combination of World Wide Web (WWW) and .
Ans: Mobile Telephony Technologies

12. provides the application layer of WAP with a consistent interface for two session services.
Ans: WSP

13. The Transport layer protocol in the WAP architecture is referred to as _.
Ans: Wireless Datagram Protocol (WDP)

14. Standard networking protocols allow any web browser to communicate with any web server (True/False).
Ans: True

15. WAP defines a set of standard components that enable communication between and_.
Ans: Mobile terminals and Network services

16. _ translates requests from a wireless protocol stack to the WWW protocols.
Ans: ProtocolGateway

17. The _ server allows applications to retrieve the client capabilities and personal profiles of user agents and individual users.
Ans: UAProf

18. WAP clients communicate with application servers through a number of different proxies or directly (True/False).
Ans: True

19. The basic unit of navigation in WML is
Ans: Card

20. The basic unit of navigation in HTML is .
Ans: Page

21. All character data in WML is defined in terms of data types.
Ans: XML

22. is the line breaking tag in WML.
Ans: <br/>

23. The columns attribute value must match the number of _in a row.
Ans: <td></td> tag pairs

24. In the early days, WAP-enabled wireless devices supported only the image format.
Ans: Wireless Bitmap (WBMP)

25. Metadata is placed within and _ tags.
Ans: <head> </head>

26. The element is used to associate a task to a certain user interface element of a wireless device.
Ans: <do>

27. tags are used to define a selection list in WML.
Ans: <select></select>

28. The _ element specifies a field name and value for transmission to an origin server during a URL request.
Ans: Postfield

29. The _ attribute of Post field provides an element, a unique name within a single deck.
Ans: Id

30. _ event occurs when a timer expires.
Ans: ontimer

31. The event is triggered if a user goes back to a previous card through the WAP browser’s URL history.
Ans: onenterbackward

32. If the value of the type attribute is changed to all characters in the input field will be displayed as asterisks.
Ans: Password

33. The _ attribute of the <input> element is used to control the type and number of characters that can be entered in an input field.
Ans: Format

34. Variable names in WML are case-sensitive (True/False).
Ans: True

35. Which of the following is to set the value of a variable in WML
A) Using the <setvar/> tag
B) Using data collection tags <select> and <input/>
C) Using the setVar() function of WMLScript’s
D) All the above
Ans: D) All the above

36. WML browsers treat all terms that begin with the character as variables.
Ans: $

37. WML supports the creation of reset buttons (True/False).
Ans: False

38. attribute of go event specifies the destination URI, for example, the URI of the card to display.
Ans: Href=href

39. The attribute of noop event provides an element a unique name within a single deck.
Ans: Id

40. tag contains information about the document.
Ans: <head>

41. tag activates a task when the user clicks on a word/phrase on the screen.
Ans: <do>

42. _ is used to obtain alphanumeric data from users.
Ans: Input fields

43. are used to refer to the actual WMLScript code in the WML document.
Ans: URLs

44. The WMLScript language is case-sensitive (True/False).
Ans: True 

45. The _ uses an Instruction Pointer (IP) to keep track of the current instruction and maintains the record of the value of variables in the Script.
Ans: interpreter

46. _is required for compilation. Although WAP gateways will take care of the compilation of WMLScript files for you.
Ans: WMLScript compiler

47. The _ keyword is used to specify that the function is allowed to be called from outside the WMLScript file.
Ans: extern

48. Which of the following is NOT a WML Script data type?
A. String
B. Integer
C. Floating-point number
D. Pointer
Ans: Pointer

49. The size of the integer is bits.
Ans: 32

50. A value can be a literal or the result of a logical expression.
Ans: boolean


MCQ WML and WAP programming have been used in a variety of ways to enhance the user experience. With their ability to store information and create interactive applications, they have created a platform for mobile users that makes using the internet easier than ever.

They are an important part of the mobile development process, and with more people relying on their phones for business, communication, and entertainment, these technologies will continue to be used in many different ways.

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