Online Purchase MCQs with Answer download in Pdf

Online Purchase MCQs with Answer download in Pdf

In today’s digital age, online purchasing has become a convenient and popular way to purchase goods and services. People can purchase anything from clothing to electronics with just a few clicks of the mouse.

With online purchases, customers have access to a larger selection of products than they could ever find in stores. Shopping online also simplifies comparison shopping, allowing people to compare prices easily between different retailers and brands.

Additionally, online purchases provide shoppers with the convenience of having their items delivered right to their doorstep.

Online Purchase MCQs

50 Online Purchase MCQs With Answer

1. The buying environment involves searching the right ___ and buying products in smaller quantities from them.
Ans. suppliers

2. Since retailers buy products in smaller quantities, they rarely need to buy the products. (True/False)
Ans. False

3. For retailers, buying is not merely confined to ___ .
Ans. earning profit

4. Buying is a part of retailers’ regular practice. (True/False)
Ans. True

5. The buying function can be managed by designing a buying plan usually called ___ plan.

6. Delay in the delivery of a product may take place due to price or display issues. (True/False)
Ans. False

7. ___ the buying function helps retailers perform buying activities in a planned manner.
Ans. Managing

8. While buying products from suppliers, retailers need to negotiate their price with them. (True/False)
Ans. True

9. The role of a ___ is not only confined to buying products but also includes various other responsibilities, such as planning, forecasting, liaisoning, etc.
Ans. retail buyer

10. The buying function in small, independent retail organisations is performed under multiple units having a large number of delivery boys, helpers, sales staff, and managers. (True/False)
Ans. False

11. A/an ___ is an individual who plays a small but important role in carrying out retail activities, including buying.
Ans. assistant

12. An assistant buyer should provide useful suggestions to the retail buyer during the buying process. (True/False)
Ans. True

13. ___ that is adopted today may become obsolete tomorrow.
Ans. Technology

14. With rapid changes in contemporary retail buying, most retailers assume that assistant buyers are already trained in the buying process. (True/False)
Ans. False

15. The role and responsibilities of a buyer are usually defined by the ___ of an organisation.
Ans. top management

16. A retail buyer is involved in activities like selecting and meeting suppliers. (True/False)
Ans. True

17. A merchandise manager may directly communicate with the ___ of a retail organisation.
Ans. top management

18. A merchandise manager’s main job is to find the right suppliers and buy products from them. (True/False)
Ans. False

19. A buyer’s performance can be evaluated on the basis of his/her ___ to profits.
Ans. Contribution

20. Performance evaluation not only helps an organisation to appraise a retail buyer but also enables the retail buyer to know the gap in his/her performance. (True/False)
Ans. True

21. A ___ can be tangible or intangible item that satisfies the needs and wants of customers.
Ans. product

22. Core products are products that are promoted on a large scale and have low sales volumes and low profit margins. (True/False)
Ans. False

23. Product assortment only represents product breadth. (True/False)
Ans. False

24. ___ products require less promotion and have low sales volumes and high profit margins.
Ans. Specialties

25. Convenience products require less promotion but have high sales volumes. (True/False)
Ans. True

26. The needs of customers vary according to their economic conditions and social situations. (True/False)
Ans. True

27. Product assortment is also known as ___
Ans. product mix

28. Product mix refers to the length, breadth, depth, and consistency of products stored by a retailer. (True/False)
Ans. True

29. ___ merchandisers are not specialised in any particular product or product line and carry a collection of general merchandise.
Ans. General

30. Single line specialty merchandisers usually carry a narrow width but extended depth of products. (True/False)
Ans. False

31. A discount store sells products at low costs; therefore, it has a low profit margin. (True/False)
Ans. True

32. ___ refers to a store that keeps low-cost products in large volumes.
Ans. Supermarket

33. ___ stores are generally located near residential areas for the convenience of the customers.
Ans. Convenience

34. Off-price retailers collect leftover products and sell them at a lesser cost compared to other retailers. (True/False)
Ans. True

35. Departmental stores depend on both manufacturers and wholesalers for procuring products. (True/False)
Ans. True

36. Wal-Mart is an example of a ___ store.
Ans. discount

37. Outlet stores are also called ___ stores.
Ans. factory outlet

38. Supermarkets are usually a part of corporate chains that work for gaining economies of scale. (True/False)
Ans. True

39. Supermarkets use their own warehouses for buying the merchandise from various manufacturers. (True/False)
Ans. True

40. ___ stores are owned by a single person, usually by the one who runs the business.
Ans. Sole proprietorship

41. Organisational structure is a ___ arrangement of lines of authority and channel of communication within an organisation.
Ans. hierarchical

42. Organisational structure is of two types, namely centralised structure and ___ structure.
Ans. decentralised

43. In decentralised structures, decision making is done at the top most level of an organisation. (True/False)
Ans. False

44. In centralised structures, decisions are made at each line of authority (departments) in an organisation. (True/False)
Ans. False

45. In ___ buying, the products are purchased in bulk.
Ans. centralised

46. Centralised buying follows a standard buying process, which demands hiring of a buying specialist. (True/False)
Ans. True

47. In case of urgent requirement, when immediate product procurement becomes necessary, centralised buying helps in dealing with the problem rapidly. (True/False)
Ans. False

48. ___ buying refers to procuring of material by all the departments of an organisation independently in order to fulfil their needs.
Ans. Decentralised

49. Decentralised buying also helps in purchasing materials immediately in case of urgency. (True/False)
Ans. True

50. Initial investment cost is relatively low in centralised buying due to bulk purchase. (True/False)
Ans. False


Online purchases have revolutionized the way we shop. They offer a convenient shopping experience, allowing customers to purchase products from home or on the go.

The variety of options available makes it easy for customers to find what they need and compare prices. Additionally, online purchases often come with extra perks such as free shipping, discounts and coupons.

Overall, online purchases provide an easy and cost-effective way to shop for essentials, making them an attractive option for all kinds of shoppers.

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