Visual Programming MCQs with Answers download in Pdf

Visual Programming MCQs with Answers download in Pdf

Visual programming is an important topic for software developers to understand. It involves creating a graphical representation of the code that can be debugged, analyzed, and modified.

This article provides multiple choice questions (MCQs) and answers related to visual programming. The MCQs are designed to test the knowledge of experienced software developers.

All the questions cover different aspects of visual programming including concepts, implementation, design, debugging and more.

Visual Programming MCQs with Answers

What is Visual Programming

Visual Programming is an innovative way of writing software code that enables users to create programs using a visual interface.

This approach focuses on the graphical representation of programming concepts and structures rather than traditional text-based coding. With visual programming, users can create complex applications by simply dragging and dropping pre-built blocks of code.

The primary goal of Visual Programming is to make coding more accessible to non-programmers, allowing them to build applications without having extensive knowledge about programming languages. By using a visual interface, users can easily understand program flow and logic as they build their application.

Visual Programming also makes it easier for programmers to collaborate with designers or other team members, who may have limited technical skills but can contribute creatively to the development process.

In conclusion, Visual Programming is a new approach that simplifies the complexities involved in traditional software development.

50 Visual Programming MCQs with Answers

1. Event driven programming has been divided into two sections called ___ and ___ events.
Ans. Detection and handling

2. Event driven programming helps the programmer to design visually [True/False].
Ans. True

3. In event driven programming execution of controls are decided by the ___.
Ans. Programmer

4. Visual Studio .NET includes ___ programming languages.
Ans. Three

5. MSDE stands for ___.
Ans. Microsoft Development Environment Engine

6. ___ defines the environment to execute Visual Basic .NET applications.
Ans. .NET Framework

7. MISL stands for ___
a. Microsoft Intermediate Language
b. Microsoft Interpreted Language
c. Microsoft Interface Language
d. Microsoft Informative Language
Ans. a. Microsoft Intermediate Language

8. Econo-JIT compiler compiles the entire code in to native code in a single cycle. State. [True/False].
Ans. False

9. The main benefit of .NET Framework is the ___ between various languages.
Ans. Interoperability

10. ASP.NET classes are used to develop ___
Ans. Web Forms applications

11. The .NET Framework Class Library provides pre-written code in the form of ___
Ans. Classes

12. System. Data classe supports in managing and accessing data from various sources State [True/False]
Ans. True

13. ___ is considered as the home page in Micro Soft Visual Studio environment.
Ans. Start Page

14. ___ and ___ are the windows used to design the forms and develop business logic respectively.
Ans. Form Designer and code editor

15. ___consisting of list of controls which can be added in the form.
Ans. Tool box

16. Shift+Ctrl+Tab key used to Navigate between code and designer windows. State [True/False].
Ans. True

17. Solution explorer is list the files and folders in ___ structure.
Ans. Tree

18. The namespaces consist of ___ that the project requires.
Ans. Classes

19. ___ pane gives tips for quick application development in visual studio.
Ans. Started

20. You can run the Visual basic application by pressing F6 button. State [True/False].
Ans. False

21. Any holder or container with a name to hold some value is called ___.
Ans. Variable

22. An earlier version of VB .NET supported the default variable as ___.
Ans. Variant

23. ___ is required for internal conversion when you use variant data type.
Ans. Casting

24. Byte data type takes the value range of – Unsigned 0 to 255. State [True/False].
Ans. True

25. ___ operators compare the relationship between given string or numbers.
Ans. Comparison

26. ___ is the logical AND operator works only on Boolean data to perform short-circuiting.
Ans. And Also

27. ___ returns the Type object for the given object like methods, events, properties.
Ans. Get Type

28. Statements does not fall in any the case in Select case fall in___
Ans. Else statement

29. DO
Exit Do Loop
{while|Until} condition is a entry check statement. State [True/False]
Ans. False

30. ___ and ___ are the two types of error handling statements available in VB. NET.
Ans. Structured and unstructured

31. The attribute Shadows Indicates that you cannot create object for that class. State [True/False].
Ans. False

32. The text you want to display on the button control can be updated with the ___.
Ans. text property

33. ___ Control is used to guide the user to provide appropriate input to the application.
Ans. Label Control

34. When the Checkbox small box is empty mean the false status of the control. State [True/False].
Ans. True

35. ___ property needs to be changed, to change the change the status of the check box.
Ans. Checked

36. Radio button is otherwise called as ___ button.
Ans. Option

37. Write the syntax that used to add the item in the listbox through coding
Ans. ListBox1.Items.Add (“Iist item”)

38. List control is a drag down menu, listed items when user click on arrow. State [True/False]
Ans. False

39. Name the action of AutoSize property in the picture box control.
Ans. Sizes the picture box to the image.

40. Tree view present the data in a ___ way.
Ans. Hierarchical

41. ___ presents a sorted view of the List Item objects in tree view.
Ans. List mode

42. ___ gives the visual feedback to the user during time-consuming operation.
Ans. Progress bar

43. ___ is a collection of data and its methods.
Ans. Class

44. ____is a special method used to initialize the data members when the object is invoked.
Ans. Constructor

45. ___ is run by the destructor to destroy the memory.
Ans. Finalize

46. Method overloading helps the keep the interface consistent. State [True/False].
Ans. True.

47. If Class A is inherited from Class B then class A is called ___
Ans. Base class

48. It is preferred to define the reference parameter to the parents reasonably in ___ architecture.
Ans. High

49. How many access specifier are supported in VB .NET language.
Ans. 5

50. Name the inheritance that supports the reference self and to the inherited members.
a. public
b. private
c. protected
d. Friend
Ans. c. protected


Visual programming has a lot of potential to revolutionize the way we program and interact with computers.

It is an intuitive, easy-to-learn method of programming that can be used by people of all ages and backgrounds.

Not only does it make coding more accessible, but it also opens up new possibilities for how we use technology in our everyday lives.

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