Java Programming MCQ Questions with Answers

Java Programming MCQ Questions with Answers

Java Programming MCQ Questions with Answers for Interviews and helpful for various examinations BE, BTech, BCA, MCA.

Are you looking for Java Programming Multiple Choice Questions with Answers? If so, you have come to the right place!

This article will provide sample questions and answers on Java Programming that are designed to test your knowledge of this popular programming language.

Each question includes an answer explanation, which will help to further clarify any confusion or misunderstandings. Additionally, the article provides tips to help understand complex concepts and topics.

Java Programming MCQ

What is Java Programming

Java programming is a high-level, object-oriented programming language that is widely used for developing complex applications.

It was developed by James Gosling and his team at Sun Microsystems in the mid-1990s. Java is platform-independent, meaning that it can run on multiple operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and macOS without any changes to the code.

One of the key features of Java programming is its portability. The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) enables Java programs to be executed on any device or operating system that has a JVM installed.

This makes Java ideal for developing cross-platform applications that can run on desktop computers, mobile devices, web browsers, and embedded systems.

Java programming offers several advantages over other programming languages such as C++ or Python. For example, it has automatic memory management which helps in reducing memory leaks and other errors related to memory allocation.

Java Programming MCQ with Answers

1. ___ is the ability of a Java application to perform multiple tasks at the same time.
A) Multiprogramming
B) Multithreading
C) Multiprocessing
D) Multitasking
Ans: B

2. Java is designed for the distributed environment of the Internet because it handles ___ protocols
Ans: B

3. Java is associated with ___ programming Language
A) Oak
B) Basic
C) C
D) Perl
Ans: A

4. Which Property does not hold good for Java.
A) Object-oriented
B) Secure
C) dynamic
D) Complex
Ans: D

5. A compiler converts the Java program into an intermediate language representation called ___
A) bytecode
B) byte
C) byteclass
D) bytejava
Ans: A

6. ___ Operator is used to creating an object.
A) class
B) new
C) print
D) main
Ans: B

7. Which of the following is NOT a Java Keyword?
A) Abstract
B) Native
C) Package
D) Synchronize
Ans: D

8. Java platform consists of JVM and a package of readymade software components this package is known as ___.
A) Java API
Ans: A

9. Which of the following is not a Looping statement ___
B) Switch
C) While
D) Do-While
Ans: B

10. ___ is a multi-way branch statement
A) Switch
B) Continue
C) Break
D) Label
Ans: A

11. Choose the proper operator precedence when evaluating an Expression?
1. Comparisons
2. Logical operations
3. Increment
4. Arithmetic operations

A) 1-2-4-3
B) 4-3-1-2
C) 2-1-4-3
D) 3-4-1-2
Ans: D

12. The ___ statement is used inside the switch to terminate a Statement sequence
A) break
B) Jump
C) exit
D) goto
Ans: A

13. A class that is inherited is called a superclass ___
A) superclass
B) Subclass
C) subsetclass
D) Relativeclass
Ans: A

14. An ___ determines which features of a class may be used by other classes
A) specifier
B) inheritance
C) implementation
D) Access specifier
Ans: D

15. Which property of Java allows the creation of hierarchical classifications?
A) Interface
B) Inheritance
C) Robust
D) Distributed
Ans: B

16. Which of the following method does not belong to the graphics class?
A. Text
B. pixel
C. Lines
D. Circle and ellipse.
Ans: B

17. The class at the top of the exception classes hierarchy is called ___
A) Common
B) Throwable.
D) Catch
Ans: B

18. Find the keyword which is not used to implement exception
A) try
B) catch
C) finally
D) access
Ans: D

19. Which of the following is not a Exception in Java.
A) Arithmetic Exception
B) Nullpointer Exception
C) ArrayoutofBounds Exception
D) Logical Exception
Ans: D

20. Which of the following Definitions hold good for Exception?
A) Abnormal event that occurs during program execution and disrupts the normal flow of Instruction.
B) The unexpected situations that may occur during program execution
C) The term exception denotes an exception event.
D) All the above
Ans: D

21. The ___ class creates and maintains a buffer for an input stream
A) Common BufferedInputStream
B) BufferedStream
C) InputStream
D) BufferedInputStream
Ans: D

22. A ___ is a sequence of bytes traveling from a source to a destination over a communication path.
A) string
B) stream
C) character
D) integer
Ans: B

23. Which of the following statement is the explanation of the int read () method
A) Reads a byte of data from the input stream
B) Reads bytes of data from the input stream and stores them in the array
C) Reads the number of bytes specified by the third argument from the input stream and stores.
D) Returns the number of bytes available for reading from the input stream
Ans: A

24. Which method is used to read a byte as an 8-bit signed value?
A) Boolean readbyte()
B) byte read()
C) readbyte()
D) byte readByte()
Ans: D

25. A ___ is a java program that can be embedded in a Web page
A) Applets
B) browser
C) package
D) None of these
Ans: A

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