Dot Net and C# Competitive and Interview MCQs with Answers

Dot Net and C# Competitive and Interview MCQs with Answers multiple choice questions with answers | Dot Net and C# | .Net core MCQs questions and answers.

Dot Net is a versatile and powerful development platform. It has many features that make it an attractive choice for web development, software engineering, and other application development areas.

Additionally, Dot Net is popular among tech professionals as an interview platform because of its expansive knowledge base.  One common interview question is “What are some of the most important features of the Dot Net platform?”

Dot Net and C# Competitive and Interview MCQs

Dot Net and C# MCQs with Answers

Q No. 1. CLR is the .NET equivalent of ___.
(a) Java Virtual Machine
(b) Common Language Runtime
(c) Common Type System
(d) Common Language Specification
Answer: (A)

Q No. 2. The CLR is physically represented by an assembly named ___
(a) Mscoree.dll
(b) Mcoree.dll
(c) Msoree.dll
(d) Mscor.dll
Answer: (A)

Q No. 3. SOAP stands for ___.
(a) Simple Object Access Program
(b) Simple Object Access Protocol
(c) Simple Object Application Protocol
(d) Simple Object Account Protocol
Answer: (B)

Q No. 4. The ___ language allows more than one method in a single class
(a) C#
(b) J#
(c) C++
(d) C
Answer: (A)

Q No. 5. In C#, a subroutine is called a ___.
(a) Function
(b) Metadata
(c) Method
(d) Managed code
Answer: (C)

Q No. 6. HTTP, SSL are-
(a) Internet service
(b) Internet domains
(c) Internet protocol
(d) Window server
Answer: (B)

Q No. 7. A ___ is an identifier that denotes a storage location
(a) Constant
(b) Reference type
(c) Variable
(d) Object
Answer: (C)

Q No. 8. ___ are reserved, and cannot be used as identifiers.
(a) Keywords
(b) Literal
(c) Variables
(d) Identifiers
Answer: (A)

Q No. 9. Boxing converts a value type on the stack to a ___ on the heap.
(a) Bool type
(b) Instance type
(c) Class type
(d) Object type
Answer: (D)

Q No. 10. UDDI stands for-
(a) Universal data description & integration
(b) Universal datagram description implementations
(c) Universal description discover and integration
(d) Universal description data & integration
Answer: (C)

Q No. 11. In C#, all binary operators are ___.
(a) Center-associative
(b) Right-associative
(c) Left-associative
(d) Top-associative
Answer: (B)

Q No. 12. An ___ is a symbol that tells the computer to perform certain mathematical or logical manipulations.
(a) Operator
(b) Expression
(c) Condition
(d) Logic
Answer: (A)

Q No. 13. A ___ is any valid C# variable ending with a colon.
(a) go to
(b) Label
(c) Logical
(d) Bitwise
Answer: (B)

Q No. 14. C# has ___ operator, useful for making two-way decisions.
(a) Looping
(b) Functional
(c) Exponential
(d) Conditional
Answer: (D)

Q No. 15. ___ causes the loop to continue with the next iteration after skipping any statements in between.
(a) Loop
(b) Exit
(c) Break
(d) Continue
Answer: (D)

Q No. 16. An ___ is a group of contiguous or related data items that share a common name.
(a) Operator
(b) Integer
(c) Exponential
(d) Array
Answer: (D)

Q No. 17. Arrays in C# are ___ objects
(a) Reference
(b) Logical
(c) Value
(d) Arithmetic
Answer: (A)

Q No. 18. Multidimensional arrays are sometimes called ___ Arrays.
(a) Square
(b) Triangular
(c) Rectangular
(d) Cube
Answer: (C)

Q No. 19. ___ parameters are used to pass results back to the calling method.
(a) Input
(b) Reference
(c) Value
(d) Output
Answer: (D)

Q No. 20. The formal parameter list is always enclosed in ___.
(a) Square
(b) Semicolon
(c) Parenthesis
(d) Colon
Answer: (C)

Q No. 21. ___ variables are visible only in the block they are declared.
(a) System
(b) Global
(c) Local
(d) Console
Answer: (C)

Q No. 22. C# does not support ___ constructors.
(a) Parameterized
(b) Parameter-less
(c) Class
(d) Method
Answer: (B)

Q No. 23. A structure in C# provides a unique way of packing together data of ___ types.
(a) Different
(b) Same
(c) Invoking
(d) Calling
Answer: (A)

Q No. 24. Struct’s data members are ___ by default.
(a) Protected
(b) Public
(c) Private
(d) Default
Answer: (C)

Q No. 25. A ___ creates an object by copying variables from another object.
(a) Copy constructor
(b) Default constructor
(c) Invoking constructor
(d) Calling constructor
Answer: (A)

Q No. 26. The methods that have the same name, but different parameter lists and different definitions is called___.
(a) Method Overloading
(b) Method Overriding
(c) Method Overwriting
(d) Method Overreading
Answer: (A)

Q No. 27. The C# provides special methods known as ___ methods to provide access to data members.
(a) Loop
(b) Functions
(c) Methods
(d) Accessor
Answer: (D)

Q No. 28. When an instance method declaration includes the abstract modifier, the method is said to be an ___.
(a) Abstract method
(b) Instance method
(c) Sealed method
(d) Expression method
Answer: (A)

Q No. 29. The theory of ___ implies that users can control access to a class, method, or variable.
(a) Data hiding
(b) Encapsulation
(c) Information Hiding
(d) Polymorphism
Answer: (B)

Q No. 30. Inheritance is ___ in nature.
(a) Commutative
(b) Associative
(c) Transitive
(d) Iterative
Answer: (C)

Q No. 31. The point at which an exception is thrown is called the ___.
(a) Default point
(b) Invoking point
(c) Calling point
(d) Throw point
Answer: (D)

Q No. 32. In C#, having unreachable code is always an ___.
(a) Method
(b) Function
(c) Error
(d) Iterative
Answer: (C)

Q No. 33. C# treats the multiple catch statements like cases in a ___ statement.
(a) If
(b) Switch
(c) For
(d) While
Answer: (B)

Q No. 34. C# supports a technique known as___, which allows a method to specify explicitly the name of the interface it is implementing.
(a) Method Implementation
(b) Implicit Interface Implementation
(c) Explicit Interface Implementation
(d) Iterative Interface Implementation
Answer: (C)

Q No. 35. The reason that C# does not support multiple inheritances is because of ___.
(a) Method collision
(b) Name collision
(c) Function collision
(d) Interface collision
Answer: (B)

Q No. 36. ___ is a set of devices through which a user communicates with a system using an interactive set of commands.
(a) Console
(b) System
(c) Keyboard
(d) Monitor
Answer: (A)

Q No. 37. When a .NET class is ___, it’s constructor ___.
(a) Created, defined
(b) Declared, instantiated
(c) Instantiated, executes
(d) None of the above
Answer: (C)

Q No. 38. The ___ are the Graphical User Interface (GUI) components created for web-based interactions.
(a) Webforms
(b) Window Forms
(c) Application Forms
(d) None of the above
Answer: (A)

Q No. 39. In Microsoft Visual Studio, ___ technology and a programming language such as C# are used to create a Web-based application.
(a) JAVA
(b) J#
(c) VB NET
Answer: (D)

Q No. 40. The controls are available in the toolbox they ___ are used to create the user interface of a web-based application.
(a) Microsoft visual studio IDE
(b) Application window
(c) Webforms
(d) None of the above
Answer: (A)

Q No. 41. WebForms consist of a ___ and a ___.
(a) Template, Component
(b) CLR, CTS
(c) HTML Forms, Web services
(d) Windows, desktop
Answer: (A)

Q No. 42. The ___ parentheses that follow ___ indicate that no information is passed to Main ().
(a) Empty, class
(b) Empty, submain
(c) Empty, Main
(d) Empty, Namespace
Answer: (C)

Q No. 43. ___ serve control checks that the entry matches a pattern defined by a reference expresses.
(a) Regular express validate
(b) Regular express validation
(c) Regular expensive value
(d) None of the above
Answer: (A)

Q No. 44. Range validator uses 3 keys properties to perform its validation. These are
(a) Control to validate
(b) Minimum value
(c) Maximum value
(d) All of the above
Answer: (D)

Q No. 45. (Control to validate – Control to compare) is expression for-
(a) Control expression
(b) Range validator
(c) Compare validator
(d) Regular exp validator
Answer: (C)

Q No. 46. WSDL stands for-
(a) Web system data limited
(b) Web service development
(c) Web service description
(d) World system development
Answer: (C)

Q No. 47. DISCO stands for-
(a) Dynamic in System Corporation
(b) Development in standard
(c) Document on optional discovery
(d) Document on optimum dictionary
Answer: (C)

Q No. 48. The .NET Framework is a common environment for __, __ and running web applications and web services.
(a) Deploying, designing
(b) Creating, training
(c) Building, deploying
(d) None of the above
Answer: (C)

Q No. 49. A web application provides a number of new security challenges such as unknown users, dynamic ___ pages, and ___.
(a) Web, sessions
(b) ASP.NET, cookies
(c) HTML, firewalls
(d) None of the above
Answer: (B)

Q No. 50. The visual ___ projects play a key role in the ___ of the web applications files.
(a) DBC, Connections
(b) CLR, deployment
(c) InterDev, deployment
(d) None of the above
Answer: (C)

C# Multiple Choice Questions and Answers


Dot net and C# are both powerful programming languages that can be used for various purposes. They are both popular among employers, so it is important to have a good understanding of them before applying for a job.

There are many online resources that can help you learn these languages, so don’t hesitate to get started today.

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