Human Computer Interface MCQs with Answer

Human Computer Interface MCQs with Answer

Are you studying for a Human Computer Interface (HCI) exam? Are you in need of MCQs with answer to help you prepare? This article is designed to provide an overview of the available resources online that can help you with your studies.

We have compiled a selection of Human Computer Interface MCQs with Answer, which are available for download in PDF format. With these, you’ll be able to practice and assess your knowledge in this field.

Human Computer Interface MCQs

50 Human Computer Interface MCQs with Answer

1. The user interface includes and components.
A) Virtual, RAM
B) Virtual, ROM
C) Physical, Logical
Ans. c

2. The user, designer and technical practitioner’s works together to achieve the goal of___.
A) User decentered design
B) User centered design.
C) Unified centered design
D) User processed design
Ans. b

3. Currently UCD is the widely used design for .
Ans. d

4. __ was most popular and leading PC sales compared to the Mac computer.
B) Apple PC
D) ThinkPad
Ans. a

5. Copy and paste command in windows environment is an example of .
A) Indirect Manipulation
B) Direct Manipulation
C) Macintosh
D) Mosaic
Ans. a

6. The apple operating system 10 with new user interface is called _.
A) Aqua
B) Ruby
C) Sapphire
D) Amethyst
Ans. a

7. is used for presentation of another application called from the parent window
A) Primary Window
B) Secondary Window
C) Document Window
D) Modal
Ans. b

8. between the user and the application developer must be reduced.
B) Layer
C) Gap
D) Navigation
Ans. c

9. The graphical interface feature of the application is called as ___
A) Xerox
B) Mozilla
C) Internet Explorer
D) Chrome
Ans. a

10. ___ allows the user to enter instructions via the keyboard in HCI.
A) Command line arguments
B) In-direct manipulation
C) Menu selection
D) Command languages
Ans. d

11. What is the greatest challenge for software designer in Human computer interface?
A) Understanding methodologies.
B) Understanding techniques for evaluating
C) Understanding what a user requires from a product.
D) None of the above
Ans. c

12. Quick response from the system that is how fast the command able complete the task is_
A) Usability
B) Effectiveness
C) Efficiency
D) Appeal
Ans. c

13. Reading speed can be substantially increased by using _.
Ans. b

14. The literature survey has been done for better understanding of the real time information processing speed and called as __.
A) Unconventional speed
B) Typical speed
C) Atypical speed
D) None of the above
Ans. b

15. The designer can concentrate on product development using ___ instead of product or system centric.
A) Customers centric
B) Commercial centric
C) Business centric
D) Consumer centric
Ans. d

16. The process of designing _ is just one aspect of human computer interaction.
A) Application
C) Screen
D) Complier
Ans. c

17. ___ for a control system can be a rewarding, creative and satisfying effort.
D) None of the above
Ans. c

18. The sub-partition of the screen is called as __
A) Alignment
B) Zoning
C) Layout
D) Font style
Ans. b

19. in user interface plays a vital role in understanding the information access.
A) Visual design
B) Textual design
C) Audio design
D) Video design
Ans. a

20. The designer must use all visual aids in _ the technical information to the user.
A) Considering
B) Communicating
C) Coordinating
D) Conceptualizing
Ans. b

21. Violating the standard protocol in the __ may lead to malfunction of the assistive device.
A) Acceptance
B) Affordance
C) Accessibility
D) Assurance
Ans. c

22. Many computer users are unaware of the __ which includes display colors, contrast, icon size and typefaces.
A) Advance settings
B) Security
C) Customization
D) Control settings
Ans. c

23. The function of _ is to retrieve the older information, which might be out-of-date.
A) Retrieval
B) Search
C) Usability
D) Accessibility
Ans. b

24. ___ allows the technology and relevant content to be used by the end-user.
A) Usability
B) Testing
C) Web Technology
D) Accessibility
Ans. d

25. The ____ style interface is the most common implementation of graphical user interfaces today.
Ans. b

26. ___ will not permit interaction with another window until the current dialog is completed.
A) Modal windows
B) Modeless windows
C) Palette windows
D) Dialog windows
Ans. a

27. is subordinate windows intended to request input from the user via controls.
A) Dialog windows
B) Pop-up windows
C) Modeless windows
D) None of the above
Ans. a

28. Proportional fonts employ ___, where the amount of room a character takes up depends on the form of the character.
A) Line Spacing
B) Mechanical Spacing
C) Optical Spacing
D) Word Spacing
Ans. c

29. From a navigation perspective, ___ are considered as visual objects
A) Content
B) Labels
C) Fonts
D) Color
Ans. b

30. generated by the system to keep the user informed of the System’s state and activities.
A) Status messages
B) Informational messages
C) Instructional messages
D) System messages
Ans. d

31. According to Formal definition of PN, Which of the following tuples PN consists of?
A) Finite set of places, Finite set of transitions
B) Marking vector
C) IN and OUT
D) All the above
Ans. d

32. Which of the following aspects, will influence the user enactment?
A) Software and display properties
B) Interface design
C) Environment factors
D) All the above
Ans. d

33. The user can do the specific task in the computer, they are called as ___.
A) Operation system
B) Interface design
C) Information system
D) Application system
Ans. c

34. A ___ allows the user to input the 3D data to the system.
A) Speech Synthesizer
B) Speech Recognizer
C) Pointing device
D) Touch pad
Ans. c

35. allows the user to control the computer data through physical gesture like point, click and drag.
A) Select
B) Pointing device
C) Soft keys
D) Foldable keys
Ans. b

36. In ___ systems stored speech is commonly used to provide information about tourist sites.
A) Speech Synthesizer
B) Direct Controlling Pointing Device
C) Speech Recognition
D) Voice Information
Ans. d

37. A ___ is a computer input device in the form of a light-sensitive hand used in conjunction with a computer’s CRT TV set or monitor.
A) TrackBall
B) Light pen
C) Joystick
D) Touch Screen
Ans. b

38. ___ contains information about program version, copyright, licensing and customer support details.
A) Error Messages
B) About Boxes
C) Alerts
D) All the above
Ans. b

39. A ___ is a dialog box that is displayed when a program loads into memory.
A) Splash screen
B) About Boxes
C) Confirmations
D) None of the above
Ans. a

40. ___ provides both human computer interaction and biometric based identity verification simultaneously.
A) Wireless-based HCI
B) Vision-based HCI
C) Switched-based HCI
D) Control-based HCI
Ans. b

41. The ___ happens through the speech and face gesture, it can be captured through the audio visual modality.
A) Human communication
B) Computer communication
C) Speech recognition
D) Mobile communication
Ans. a

42. The system can be used to provide the predictable user behavior and the degree of cooperation by the user.
A) Buffer
B) Dialog
C) Security
D) Network
Ans. b

43. The alternative term for user interface is/are _
A) Human Computer Interface
B) Man Machine Interface.
C) Graphical user interface
D) All the above
Ans. d

44. The ___ on the desktop is an excellent example of direct manipulation within computer systems.
A) Trash
B) Folders
C) Icons
D) Start
Ans. a

45. Mnemonic keystroke Alt+H is used to invoke the _ facility
A) Exit
B) Help
C) Undo
D) Redo
Ans. b

46. ___ discipline is necessary in HCI to understand the wider context of the interaction.
A) Nanotechnology
B) Sociology
C) Neology
D) None of the above
Ans. b

47. The normal people can hear around 150 – 160 words per minute.
A) 50-70
B) 100-120
C) 150 – 160
D) 200-220
Ans. c

48. Textual compression is more convenient and faster compared with ___.
A) Picture compression
B) Audio Compression
C) Video Compression
D) None of the above
Ans. a

49. To facilitate learning of scale, contrast and proportion techniques ___ can be performed.
A) Sequence test
B) Squint test
C) Serial test
D) Sound test
Ans. b

50. The integration of audio, video, plug-in were able to interconnect with the ___ in an innovative way.
A) Web
B) Screen
C) Technology
Section B (Two marks multiple choice questions) (25*2 = 50 marks)
Ans. a

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Human Computer Interface MCQs with Answer download in Pdf provides an excellent tool for anyone looking to learn more about Human Computer Interface.

The multiple choice questions are well organized and easy to understand, allowing even a beginner to quickly test their knowledge.

The PDF format of the answer key also makes it easy to save and refer back to later for review. This resource is invaluable for anyone studying Human Computer Interface and its various applications.

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