Multiple choice questions on consumer behaviour in marketing

Multiple choice questions on consumer behaviour in marketing

Multiple choice questions on consumer behaviour in marketing | Consumer behaviour and advertising management MCQ with answers. Buying behaviour and brand management MCQ.

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Consumer behaviour

Multiple choice questions on consumer behaviour in marketing.

Q1. ___ is the study of individuals or organizations and the activities undertaken by them to select, procure and use products or services to satisfy their needs and wants?
a. Organisation behavior
b. Consumer behavior nationality development
d. None of these
Ans. b

Q2. who introduced the concept of assembly line manufacturing of automobiles?
a. Peter Drucker
b. Philip kotler
c. Henry ford
d. MC Donald
Ans. c

Q3. this is the new marketing concept?
a. Consumer Orientation
b. Sales orientation
c. Product orientation
d. Production orientation
Ans. a

Q4. Cost of developing new customers is always much ___ than retaining an existing customer?
a. Lower
b. Higher
c. Encouraging
d. Discouraging
Ans. b

Q5. ___ publicity by a satisfied customer is the most effective and cheapest way to increase the business.
a. Media
b. Print media
c. Radio
d. Word of mouth
Ans. d

Q6. ___ are defined as the luxuries for which a consumer craves.
a. Behaviour
b. Wants
c. Opportunities
d. None of these
Ans. b

Q7. the first step in developing a ___ is to analyze the market in which the firm is operating.
a. Marketing concept
b. Marketing mix
c. Marketing strategy
d. None of these
Ans. c

Q8. 4P’s of marketing does not include.
a. Promotion
b. Price
c. Distribution
d. Preservation
Ans. d

Q9. B2B stands for.
a. Business to business
b. Behaviour to behaviour
c. Based on business
d. None of these
Ans. a

Q10. One cannot be everything to everyone but we can be everything to a select few is the basis for.
a. Mass marketing
b. Mass customization
c. Market segmentation
d. None of these
Ans. c

Q11. These are not the demographic variables.
a. Company
b. Age
c. Marital Status
d. Occupation
Ans. a

Q12. You start with a single customer and build on that profile.
a. Top-down approach
b. Bottom-up approach
c. Middle-Middle Approach
d. Avoidance approach
Ans. b

Q.13. ___ market is the market segment to which a particular product is marketed.
a. Customer
b. Target
c. Segmentation
d. Buyer’s
Ans. b

Q14. ___ is one example in India, which could diversify into several segments in different industries very effectively.
a. Colgate
b. P & G
c. ITC
d. HCL
Ans. c

Q15. The differences in different segments are completely ignored the company goes for a single marketing strategy common for all segments.
a. Undifferentiated
b. Differentiated marketing
c. Market specialization
d. NOT
Ans. a

Q16. ___ is the process of learning one’s own culture.
a. Acculturation
b. Cultures
c. Enculturation
d. Knowledge
Ans. c

Q17. ___ is a set of actions. Often thought to have symbolic value. The performance of which is usually by a religion or by the traditions of a community.
a. Myths
b. Norms
c. Values
d. Rituals
Ans. d

Q18. A white carnation flower is a symbol of death is.
a. Japan
b. U.S.A
c. China
d. Thailand
Ans. c

Q19. VALS is an acronym for ___.
a. Value-added license system
b. Validity analysis leasing score
c. Values and lifestyles
d. None of these
Ans. c

Q20. They are conservative, conventional people with a commitment to family, church, community, and the nation.
a. Achievers
b. Believers
c. Strivers
d. innovators
Ans. b

Q21. ___ represents generally accepted ways of behaving in social situations.
a. Agreements
b. Things
c. Secular
d. Etiquette
Ans. e

Q22. This is not the element of learning.
a. Motivation
b. Cues
c. Response
d. Etiquette
Ans. d

Q23. Steps in the perception process include.
a. Sensation
b. Organization
c. Interpretation
d. All of the above
Ans. d

Q24. People skipping the TV commercials while watching their favorite programmes by tuning to other channels is an example of ___.
a. Selective exposure
b. Selective blocking
c. Selective attention
d. Selective interpretation
Ans. b

Q25. Just Noticeable Difference is also called as ___.
a. Differential threshold
b. Absolute threshold
c. Subliminal perception
d. Perceptual perception
Ans. a

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