Advance Web Application Development MCQs with Answer

Advance Web Application Development MCQs with Answer

Advance Web Application Development The advancement of web application development has been one of the most important developments in modern technology. In the past few years, the role of web applications has become increasingly important for businesses to stay competitive and provide customers with an easy and efficient way to access services.

This article will discuss the latest advancements in web application development that are allowing businesses to create powerful, dynamic websites with increased functionality and flexibility.

Advance Web Application Development

50 MCQ on Advanced Web Programming with Answer

1. To create new HTML document you need
A) HTML Compiler
B) HTML Interpreter
C) Notepad
D) Adobe Photoshop
Ans. c

2. When was the first web page launched?
A) November 1990
B) November 1985
C) November 1995
D) December 1985
Ans. a

3. ___ is used to specify or mark-up regions of HTML documents for the web browser to interpret.
A) Element
B) Tag
C) Tab
D) Attribute
Ans. b

4. A complete tag having an opening <tag> and </tag>
A) Tag
B) Element
C) Attribute
D) Document
Ans. b

5. What is used to modify the value of the HTML element?
A) Tags
B) Attributes
C) Elements
D) Documents
Ans. b

6. Which of the following is valid statement?
A) A element can have multiple attributes
B) Only an attribute can be specified for a tags
C) You need to add another tag to add another attribute
D) Both B and C
Ans. a

7. The ___ element is used to include some instructions for browser rather than to display anything on screen
A) Head
B) Title
D) None of above
Ans. a

8. To display some content on browser you should include it inside
A) HTML tag
B) HEAD tag
C) BODY tag
D) P tag
Ans. c

9. The text written inside TITLE tag is displayed on
A) Status bar of browser
B) The first line in web page
C) Title bar of browser
D) None of above
Ans. c

10. __ element is where all the content of a webpage such as paragraphs, pictures, tables etc. is placed.
Ans. c

11. A web browser reads an HTML document
A) top to bottom, left to right
B) top to bottom, right to left
C) bottom to top, left to right
D) bottom to top, right to left
Ans. a

12. Which attribute sets the background color or web page?
A) Background
B) Bgcolor
C) BackgroundColor
D) BgClr
Ans. b

13. Which of the following code snipet displays ‘your paragraph’ center aligned?
A) <p align=”center”> your paragraph </p>
B) <p><center> your paragraph </center> </p>
C) <center> <p> your paragraph </p> </center>
D) All of above
Ans. d

14. A tag which does not have closing tag is known as
A) naked tag
B) unique tag
C) single tag
D) divorced tag
Ans. c

15. Tags that must be terminated with closing tags are known as
A) couple tag
B) binary tag
C) double tag
D) pair tag
Ans. d

16. Which tag inserts forced line break?
A) <lb> … </lb>
B) <hr> … </hr>
C) <br> … </br>
D) <break> … </break>
Ans. c

17. In HTML script <img src=”rose.jpg”> the url rose.jpg is
A) absolute reference
B) relative reference
C) mixed reference
D) filename reference
Ans. b

18. To create a button that will submit the form to server side script for further processing is
A) <input type=”button” action=”submit” value=”Submit”>
B) <input type=”Submit” value=”Submit” name=”button”>
C) <input type=”button action=”submit form”>
D) All of above
Ans. b

19. Which tag is used to insert a text box in a HTML form?
A) <input type=”text”>
B) <input type = “textbox”>
C) <textbox type=”input”>
D) None of above
Ans. a

20. The largest size characters are displayed when you choose
A) H1
B) H2
C) H3
D) H6
Ans. a

21. To create HTML document you require a
A) web page editing software
B) High powered computer
C) Just a notepad can be used
D) None of above
Ans. c

22. The special formatting codes in HTML document used to present content are
A) tags
B) attributes
C) values
D) None of above
Ans. a

23. HTML documents are saved in
A) Special binary format
B) Machine language codes
C) ASCII text
D) None of above
Ans. c

24. Some tags enclose the text. Those tags are known as
A) Couple tags
B) Single tags
C) Double tags
D) Pair tags
Ans. d

25. The ___ character tells browsers to stop tagging the text
A) ?
B) /
C) >
D) %
Ans. b

26. In HTML document the tags
A) Should be written in upper case
B) should be written in lower case
C) should be written in proper case
D) can be written in both uppercase or lowercase
Ans. d

27. Marquee is a tag in HTML to
A) mark the list of items to maintain inqueue
B) Mark the text so that it is hidden in browser
C) Display text with scrolling effect
D) None of above
Ans. c

28. There are ___ different of heading tags in HTML
A) 4
B) 5
C) 6
D) 7
Ans. c

29. To create a blank line in your web page
A) press Enter two times
B) press Shift + Enter
C) insert <BR> tag
D) insert <BLINE>
Ans. c

30. Which of the following is not a style tag?
A) <b>
B) <tt>
C) <i>
D) All of above are style tags
Ans. d

31. The way the browser displays the object can be modified by ___.
A) attributes
B) parameters
C) modifiers
D) None of above
Ans. a

32. Which of the following HTML code is valid?
A) <font colour=”red”>
B) <font color=”red”>
C) <red><font>
D) All of above are style tags
Ans. b

33. Which of the following is an attribute related to font tag?
A) size
B) face
C) color
D) All of above are style tags
Ans. d

34. HTML supports
A) ordered lists
B) unordered lists
C) both type of lists
D) does not support those types
Ans. c

35. What tag is used to list individual items of an ordered list?
D) None of above
Ans. a

36. When should you use path along with file name of picture in IMG tag?
A) path is optional and not necessary
B) when the location of image file and html file are different
C) when image file and html file both are on same location
D) path is always necessary when inserting image
Ans. b

37. Which of the following is not a valid alignment attribute?
A) Left
B) Right
C) Top
D) All of above
Ans. d

38. Which attribute is used with img tag to display the text if image could not load in browser?
A) description
B) name
C) alt
D) id
Ans. c

39. Which attribute can be used with BODY tag to set background color green?
A) background=”green”
B) bgcolor=”green”
C) vlink=”green”
D) None of above
Ans. b

40. Which attribute you’ll use with TD tag to merge two cells horizontally?
A) merge=colspan2
B) rowspan=2
C) colspan=2
D) merge=row2
Ans. c

41. A webpage displays a picture. What tag was used to display that picture?
A) picture
B) image
C) img
D) src
Ans. c

42. <b> tag makes the enclosed text bold. What is other tag to make text bold?
A) <strong>
B) <dar>
C) <black>
D) <emp>
Ans. a

43. Tags and test that are not directly displayed on the page are written in ___ section.
A) <html>
B) <head>
C) <title>
D) <body>
Ans. b

44. Which tag inserts a line horizontally on your web page?
A) <hr>
B) <line>
C) <line direction=”horizontal”>
D) <tr>
Ans. a

45. What should be the first tag in any HTML document?
A) <head>
B) <title>
C) <html>
D) <document>
Ans. c

46. Which tag allows you to add a row in a table?
A) <td> and </td>
B) <cr> and </cr>
C) <th> and </th>
D) <tr> and </tr>
Ans. d

47. How can you make a bulleted list?
A) <list>
B) <nl>
C) <ul>
D) <ol>
Ans. c

48. How can you make a numbered list?
A) <dl>
B) <ol>
C) <list>
D) <ul>
Ans. b

49. How can you make an e-mail link?
A) <a href=”xxx@yyy”>
B) <mail href=”xxx@yyy”>
C) <mail>xxx@yyy</mail>
D) <a href=”mailto:xxx@yyy”>
Ans. d

50. What is the correct HTML for making a hyperlink?
A) <a href=””>ICT Trends Quiz</a>
B) <a name=””>ICT Trends Quiz</a>
C) <</a>
D) <a url=””>ICT Trends Quiz</a>
Ans. a

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Advance web application development is an exciting and rapidly growing field that offers many opportunities for those with expertise in coding, technology, and design.

With the right skillset, anyone can become a successful web application developer. The key is to stay current on new technologies and best practices to ensure you’re always creating quality products for your clients.

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