What are the Best AI Video Editor Software Tools in 2023

What are the Best AI Video Editor Software Tools in 2023

What are the Best AI Video Editor Software Tools in 2023

The prevalence of videos as a means of communication has grown significantly in our digital age. Social media, marketing, and education use videos. Consequently, the demand for quality video generation and editing software has increased as more people create and share videos.

Fortunately, many AI-powered video editor software products can speed up and simplify video editing.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive review of the top 4 AI video editor software tools available in the market. To assist you to choose, each tool will be rated on functionality, pricing, and pros and disadvantages. This guide will help beginners and pros find the best video editing software.

What are the Best AI Video Editor Software Tools in 2023

4 Best AI Video Editor Software Tools in 2023

1. InVideo

InVideo is a great alternative for creating professional-looking videos without expensive equipment or video editing software. Simply upload your videos or utilize existing footage, select from an extensive collection of templates and effects, and hit publish to create stunning videos right from your computer.

Thanks to advanced AI technology, the perfect size and aspect ratio are recognized for optimal viewing on any device. With InVideo, your videos will always look sharp and visually impressive.

The standout features of InVideo include its library of 50+ AI-based templates that let you easily convert text into videos in just three simple steps. Even users with no prior video editing experience will find it user-friendly.

Royalty-free photos and videos save you hours of searching for high-quality content. With AI technology at work, every video created is unique and perfectly optimized for social media platforms or any other purpose.

InVideo offers three levels of pricing:

  • Free Plan: Create a 40-minute video with access to templates and the media library, but the video will have a watermark.
  • Business Plan: 60 watermark-free films every month cost $15.
  • Unlimited Plan: Unlimited monthly video creation costs $30.

2. Pictory

Pictory is one of the best AI video editing tools out there. It’s easy to turn long-form footage into stunning short movies with its user-friendly UI and extensive editing options. Whether it’s for your social media feeds or your YouTube channel, Pictory has got you covered.

With its advanced AI-assisted editing capabilities, you can easily detect scenes, generate subtitles, and correct any errors that may occur during the editing process.

The software boasts an intuitive user interface that makes navigation and workflow a breeze. You can even customize your videos according to your individual needs using flexible video creation tools. Pictory supports several image, audio, and video formats for import and export.

One of the standout features of Pictory is its automated color correction and enhancement, which ensures that your videos look amazing without any extra effort. Additionally, the software has flexible time remapping options, allowing you to create stunning slow or fast-motion effects.

You can also add soundtracks and voiceovers to your videos using the audio devices integration feature.  Pictory has two subscription plans: the $19 Basic Level plan lets you make 30 films and 10 hours of video transcription, and the $39 Premium plan lets you make 60 films and 20 hours of transcription. Try their free trial to see how it can improve your video editing!

3. Synthesia

This user-friendly editor offers automated processes and intuitive tools, streamlining the video creation process.

With Synthesia, transforming a blog post or article into a captivating story is a breeze. Utilizing advanced AI technology, this platform can automatically add effects, music, and more to generate videos with impressive speed.

Featuring customizable AI avatars, Synthesia enables you to create personalized videos. The platform allows you to upload your own content or access its extensive media library, containing millions of royalty-free graphics, audio track options, and templates to choose from.

The multi-track editing feature permits the integration of several visuals into one video. You can enhance the visuals with animation effects, color correction, and more. With natural language processing (NLP), Synthesia automatically corrects grammar, spelling, and formatting errors in your video script.

Synthesia’s personal video creation AI service, which includes AI avatars, is priced at $30 per month. Ideal for professionals and creatives seeking powerful and easy-to-use AI video editing capabilities, the AI-powered drag-and-drop video editor enables you to create videos with realistic AI faces, titles, effects, music, and voiceovers in minutes. 

4. Filmora Wondershare

Creating professional-quality films is easier than ever with automatic color correction, motion tracking, and noise reduction. Whether you’re a newbie to video editing or an experienced filmmaker, Filmora Wondershare makes the video creation process fun and seamless.

From custom transitions to professional-looking titles and graphics, Filmora Wondershare has got you covered. Apply various audio effects to enhance sound quality and seamlessly switch between desktop and mobile editing.

Filmora Wondershare’s three pricing plans are yearly ($49.99), cross-platform ($59.99), and perpetual ($79.99) with 12 upgrades. Trust me, Filmora Wondershare is the perfect choice for achieving stunning visuals and professional-level results in your video editing endeavors.

5. Lumen5

Lumen5 is an excellent choice for busy entrepreneurs, marketers, and business owners looking to streamline their video creation process. With its many features and simple tools, it’s never been easier to make high-quality videos quickly.

With its intuitive interface and automated tools, Lumen5 makes video creation easier than ever before. Whether you’re looking to transform your blog posts into engaging videos or create custom visuals using your own media or stock footage, Lumen5 has everything you need to produce high-quality content quickly and easily.

Not only does Lumen5 leverage AI technology to create stunning visuals, but it also offers a range of video styles to choose from, including professional-quality motion graphics and interactive stories. High-quality audio and video resources ensure a polished and professional presentation.

So, what about pricing? Lumen5 offers four tiers to suit your needs and budget:

  • Community: The free version of Lumen5 includes watermarks on your videos and lower quality resolution (720p).
  • Basic: For just $19 per month, you can produce watermark-free videos with improved quality.
  • Starter: Upgrade to the $59 per month tier and access Lumen5’s stock photos and videos, along with higher resolution (1080p).
  • Professional: The top tier, at $149 per month, offers brand kits, custom watermarks, and more.


AI video editor software tools are an essential part of the modern video production process. As technology continues to evolve, there will be a variety of options for editors to choose from in 2023.

With features such as automated masking, facial recognition, and voice-activated editing, these software tools are becoming increasingly powerful and efficient. Ultimately, the best AI video editor software tool is the one that fits your particular needs and budget.

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